About Me

About Me
Today, that I created this blog. My approach at the time came from two observations: The desire to give hope to women who, like me, were going through breast cancer. Show them that despite a relapse, I was there, alive 9, 10, 15 and now 17 years later. I would have loved at the time to meet a woman who had this recoil, who could have dragged this black veil that obstructed my horizon and who would have said to me: "it is possible, you see, I did it. But at the time, blogs and social networks did not exist and I felt very lonely.

My vital need for information. I always say that "a well-informed patient is a better patient." Today I am even more convinced and it became possible thanks to the internet. But this scientific, top-down information that has been modified through social media is not enough. I knew empirically that it was necessary not only to explain, dissect these news that flood the web, but especially to allow patients to access information that doctors can not give because they are not authorized to do so, or because that they simply do not know the answer.

Opening my blog in my name was probably my first militant act. Intuitively, without formulating it, without explaining it to myself, I needed to cry to the world that I had been sick of cancer, this long and painful illness that had not taken me away, which I had left to be stronger, but in any case radically different. I wanted to appear to my readers, as a being of flesh and blood, that they know that I was not ashamed, I was not afraid of the consequences of this choice. And that they too could do it, say it, cry out their suffering, their doubts, their hopes. That they had the right!

This blog is one of the first on the web. Since some of my blogger sisters have been swept away by the disease, others have relapsed, others have stopped blogging. Some, rarer, continue.

I like to believe that by making our voices heard, we have opened the door.

And since then, other women have decided to write, and I am delighted to see that the blogosphere has incredibly enriched. Young, very young women sometimes, talk, draw, share, interact with patients who need support.

This blog allowed me to know that I was right, that we had to talk about cancer and put words on the evils. He was a formidable bridge. It allowed me to meet wonderful people some of whom became very close friends. He has me, YOU have taught me so much.

For some years now, I have been trying on my own, on a small scale, to improve the experience of patients and to transform what is still called, wrongly, care into genuine care. For those who follow me more closely, you know that I work a lot (too much), and that I lack the energy to write.

The activities that led me to this wonderful story take up all my time. My busy agenda does not leave me much opportunity to write, nor to respond to your comments. I leave for a long time this blog fallow. It's time for me to say goodbye.

So I decided on the one hand not to write any more tickets, but also to close the possibility of commenting on the articles. You can do it on my page or my facebook group "after my breast cancer" where I will find you with pleasure. Do not hesitate to join me. You can also send me an email via the form provided for this purpose directly on the blog.

I also chose to leave this site online because I hope it will help other women, those who are starting the steep path of the disease and who are in dire need of help. Those who ask themselves the questions that I have asked myself and who need concrete, simple answers from people who have been there.

This blog is my baby and today as my children, he grew up and now he must live his life ... without me.

It is not without sadness that I write this final article. I wanted to thank one last time all those who read me, who commented, who supported me when I was in turmoil ... I also wanted to apologize to those I was shocked by my posts sometimes engaged. Know that I never wanted to hurt anyone and if that was the case, I apologize sincerely.

About Me

I hope I have finally helped to help some of you live this chapter of your life better.

I kiss you tenderly and hope to find you on social networks on which I know you are many to surf!

My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/157012607832/

My facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/157012607832/

My Twitter account: @cathcerisey

My Instagram account: cathcerisey

Billions of kisses to share with you

Take care of yourself !




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