The medicine X example, the future is upon us

The medicine X example, the future is upon us
Here I am back from the lecture of the brilliant Dr. Larry Chu that took place at Palo Alto Stanford University last weekend. The opportunity for my friend Giovanna Marsico and me to meet some personalities of the American e-health and to try to understand the similarities or differences which exist between our two countries.

First impression when I arrive in the Californian sun: what a chance to be there among doctors and patients whose aura has crossed the borders, me little French who looks with admiration for a few years all these people trying to change patient relationships / doctors and more broadly the health system.

The thing that has undeniably struck me most is that patients have a prominent place in this conference. Present in the board, in plenary session as in workshops, they were put in the spotlight during all the congress without counting a whole day was devoted to them. They are especially religiously listened to by professionals unlike our dear French doctors who prefer too often to leave the room when we express ourselves. They are really involved and each of their interventions is rightly considered as an important stone in the building.

Militant like Regina Holliday, poignant as Liza Bernstein, mythical as e-patient Dave, their speeches are part of a desire to change things for themselves but also for their peers.

The doctors I listened to are extremely respectful of this patient's words like Dr. Leana Wen, who is so human, Dr. Deanna Attai (participant in #bcsm twitter chat that brings together patients with breast cancer and doctors) or Dr. Dany Sands who wrote a 4-handed book with his patient, prominent Dave of Bronckart aka e-patient Dave.

Of course, the health systems are not the same and we were able to measure how lucky we were to live in a country like France that benefits from social security. The claims are therefore not identical. But it is despite the borders that separate us, the same experiences, the same feelings, the same desires.

It is the human that was discussed in this conference, rather than technologies that finally appear only as potentiators of these relationships between people with the same will. A synergy that we would like to feel here too.

A chance and an honor to represent France in this American congress, to meet and exchange with all, to listen to the interventions and to come back here the desire even more present to make things happen and to change behavior. The next big meeting of this type, Doctors 2.0 & You, will take place on June 5-6 in Paris, another opportunity to move forward and co-build together the practices.

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I would like to thank again and again here my friend e-patient Liza Bernstein and Dr. Larry Chu who invited us to MedX. I hope to see you soon!


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