Tamoxifen, we take it back for 5 years

Tamoxifen, we take it back for 5 years

If no new revolutionary has been announced for breast cancer during the Asco Congress, the results of an English study, presented yesterday at the plenary session, could still change the treatment practices of this pathology. This study demonstrates that taking tamoxifen for 10 years versus the 5 years recommended to date, decreases the risk of recurrence by 25% and the risk of cancer mortality by 23%. In other words five more years of the small pill would allow women to significantly increase their chances of not relapsing.

We may well see the effects of this announcement quickly! Because here, there is no question of waiting for the placing on the market of a new molecule overpriced, tamoxifen being already marketed worldwide for years. Oncologists could therefore change their prescriptions very quickly!

I asked the question to several oncologists here in Chicago who are all unanimous. This is good news but the pill is not going to be easy to swallow! (Sic). We know that in terms of non-compliance, tamoxifen is a case study! Nearly half of women stop their treatment after two years. So take it for 10 years!

This long-term treatment can not be imposed without explanation at the risk of seeing many women throw in the towel.

It is clear that for patients to accept these new recommendations, they must be informed upstream of the important benefits but also the side effects they may face and the risks associated with taking the drug. (Including a slight increase in the risk of endometrial cancer that requires ultrasound monitoring).

With all the cards in hand, each woman will have to consider and think about what is acceptable for her: to increase her protection while undergoing sometimes disabling adverse effects or to choose to take the risk by privileging her quality of life.

Good news for researchers probably but may be more difficult for doctors who in their practices are confronted daily with clueless women.

The Asco ends tomorrow without bringing new hopes for breast cancer. Nonetheless, other pathologies have benefited from remarkable advances, particularly for cancers of the uterus and ovary!

A beautiful adventure that ends for us ... I take the plane on Tuesday with a promise, that of returning to this beautiful city! See you soon for other news from Paris ...

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