Friendship beyond cancer

Friendship beyond cancer

I do not often cry probably because life hardened me to my body defending .... But in this case, when I read this wonderful story of friendship and especially watched this video, I could not help but shed tears of emotion.

Gerdi McKenna lives in Pretoria, South Africa, and has been diagnosed with breast cancer that requires chemotherapy. Who says chemo, says alopecia and like many, she decides to anticipate and shave her head before seeing her hair fall by handfuls.

Her friends decide to give him an absolutely beautiful gift. For solidarity, a dozen of them decide to shave in turn. It is all together that they go to a hairdresser who operate the transformation. A lot of stress and apprehension, a glass of champagne to accompany them and here they all, one after the other, undergo the razor of the professional. They meet later for a lunch at which they agree Gerdi who is not aware and who discovers amazed the wonderful gift of her friends. I let you discover the little film shot for the occasion.


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