Breast Cancer, a real serial killer

Breast Cancer, a real serial killer

Today I am sad because I have just learned of the death of a companion of misfortune. Maryse Vaillant was a psychologist and friend of the house of cancer, she fought to the end to die last Saturday. In recent months, three women I knew had laid down their arms against breast cancer.. this "little cancer" so simple to treat!

Yes, I'm tired of hearing that breast cancer is the "best" cancer, that it's only a few months in a woman's life. Tired of seeing my friends decimated without being able to do anything about it.

More than 11,000 deaths per year (1) in France, 425,000 (2) worldwide, this is the current record of this plague. Breast cancer is the biggest serial killer of women. But this assassin has no face. For him, no stalking, no beatings, no justice in order to obtain compensation... Just poor researchers who try to understand and take speed.

But who is talking about it? The media who prefer to increase their ratings by seizing controversies on screening? The government, far too busy managing health crisis? Doctors and researchers overwhelmed? Finally only the status of my friends on Facebook are in mourning these days...

I am also tired of seeing those who have struggled on a daily basis for years, those cancer veterans who over-live with the rhythm of chemos, controls, markers that go up and down at leisure, those horrible numbers that will decide their near future or distant.

I feel so helpless in the face of these repeated deaths in the face of these endless battles. Yes we need help to support those who cross this killer, to eradicate it from the surface of the planet, so that never again I have to write posts like this.

Anne-Laurence, Marie-Laurence, Maryse, goodbye, this black ribbon is for you. It is much more appropriate today than our pink ribbon. I hope your suffering is over and that if there is one beyond, up there you are finally at peace.


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